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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water for your Skin

Starting your day drinking with half a squeezed lemon in your water has many health benefits for your body and skin. Thankful for a Naturopath that had me doing this years ago to detox my liver. My passion is to pass on good information to my clients. Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C which has been known to boost the immune system. When a client comes into my Skincare Boutique Spa to clearer up there complexsion, I recommend drinking lemon water to boost the immune system to fight the defense of bacteria caused when they have acne or other skin issues. Of course you need to make sure with your Doctor your body can handle the acid from lemon.

It helps the body detox toxins which cleans the liver leading to better digestive health. When the liver is not working properly it will show up on your face. Certain medicines can be damaging to liver. It is important to learn things you can do naturally to help detox. As an Esthetician I have noticed when facial clients are taking certain medicines they will have puffy eyes and bags under the eye area. This blog is on lemon water. I will do another blog on more ways to detox for your skin. Stay tuned...….

I would not recommend putting lemon on your face. Lemon juice is highly acidic it has pH of 2. Topically it can change the natural pH of your skin. Which can cause irritation, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity to exposure to the sun. Drink your lemon water daily and enjoy the refreshing taste.

Happy healthy Skin! Contact Leslie Morand for more info

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