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Le Vie Skin care Facial

Meet our Holistic
Master Esthetician and Trainer
Leslie Morand

People come to me for the latest innovations in non invasive skin care procedures, products and treatments. I have traveled the world studying a mass array of skincare techniques and formulas to get the best results for my clients with out compromising there health and well being.

These findings led me to create products and Treatments that have been successful rejuvenating the skin with out harming the body.. The key is to have calm, clearer and revitalized skin with a natural approach. 

I have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. I studied at an Institute and laboratory in the North of France. Extensive education in both Medical and holistic philosophies and modalities, and have worked closely with many Plastic Surgeons.

I was one of the first to bring two exclusive non invasive treatments from France and Australia together. Trained many Esthetician's on this these techniques over the years

The most popular treatments are for acne or antiaging facials.  The Micro current Muscle toning with the Oxygen facial, and flower, herb and enzyme peels. 

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I currently travel between San Diego, Palm Springs and Washington State.

Because of my passion to help clients achieve results for there skin. It brings me great pleasure to bring not only new innovations but great results for my clients, friends and family. I thrive on making a relaxing experience for The Mind Body and Spirit. I believe everything starts from the inside out, 

Whether you are looking for a new Esthetician or never experienced a facial. Consider experiencing the Artistry of Leslie Morand at Le Vie Skincare. If you are an esthetician you can now do group or private trainings.

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