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12 Days of Skin Tips for healthy skin

Tip #1 🗝🕸 to have flawless skin, is to skin care routine at home.

It can be a great way to start doing more self care on yourself morning and night.

Just like you brush your teeth having a good morning and night skin care routine is a great habit to start.

I enjoy doing qi gong breathing and tapping when I start my cleansing routine.

Tip #2

It is important that your skincare products are appropriate for your Skin type.

I have a lot of clients using products that contain ingredients that are drying or clogging there skin out.

Fill out the Skin Quiz link we can send you back what products will get your results with your skin goals.

Tip #3

Being an esthetiican for over 25 years I recommend weekly to exfoliate weekly with the Face Polish,

to remove the dead skin cells.

Your skin naturally exfoliates when we are babies it does this at a rapid pace as we age that process slows down the older we are.

Also make sure the exfoliant does not have synthetic ingredients. Many beads are made of synthetic ingredients that can sensitize the skin over time.

That is why doing home exfoliators, face polish, scrubs, chemical peels and non suction microdermabrasion can be helpful

Tip #4

Be sure to drink plenty of water daily. This is huge to stay hydrated from the inside out. Having good non chlorine water is the best. Adding celtic salt to your glass of water is amazing for your skin. Message us for 20% off your first order

Tip #5

Using a high performance face serum under your moisturizer can really make the difference. I know many people do not want to have a multiple step skin care routine. Yet if the serum is formulated correctly it will go in deeper in to the skin layers. While the moisturizer will protect the skin barrier. Excited to announce the new night balm launch. It can be used at night and is amazing.

Tip #6

Nutrition is a key to having healthy skin.

What you put on the inside also makes a difference on the outside.

Make sure to have lots of fruits and vegetables daily.It is important to have omegas, antioxidants and fiber.

If you need recommendations I offer complimentary sheets based on your skin type.

Please fill out the skin quiz

Tip #7

It is a game changer to use a Face Toner daily. Many clients ask why do I need a toner?

Toners will bring your skin to ph balance after cleansing. They keeping your pores clean, which prevents break outs. If you are dry they help to calm and hydrate the skin.

The toner needs to be formulated for your skin type. This is why I created 5 face toners for different skin issues.

Tip #8

What and how Ingredients are formulated in your skin care products is huge.

IThe most important part of having good skin starts with products that have the right ingredients for your skin type. I have deeply studied and researched ingredients used in skincare and beauty products for many years. You would be surprised to know many ingredients can cause more skin issues and increase hormonal issues as well. This is one of the reasons I created Le Vie Skincare or any other products I use or carry to be hormone safe.

Tip #9

Wash your face with cool water. Please do not wash your face in the shower. The heat over time can increase redness and irritation. Best if you can have a filter on your sink and shower. Here in San Diego there is a lot of chlorine in our water system that can irritate the skin.

Tip #10

Masque weekly. If you are not going for regular facials. Masking weekly can help you achieve your skin goals faster. Try the detox and repair masque. Your face will look like you just had a Facial.

Tip #11

Dry Brushing your body daily is a great way to get your lymphatic system functioning. I have a sheet I can send to your email. if you need to know how to dry brush.

Tip #12

Protect your skin from blue light and HEV light found in your smart phone, tablet and computers.

If you are noticing more pigmentation. It might be tine to use a serum that protects and treats your skin.

Here is an amazing Serum that not only helps with lines it protects from blue light effects on the skin.

I have worked in wellness centers, day spa's and med spa's for over two decades. I do believe with the power of plants and science we have made a huge change in getting results with the skin.

There are many more tips. Please follow me for more skin tips.

Happy Healthy Skin!

Le Vie Skincare

Leslie Morand

Holistic Master Esthetician and Trainer


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