What are Oxygen Facials and Why it is till the Red Carpet Favorite Facial

Oxygen facials can combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. Using Non invasive technology and natural ingredients. They address the deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis. A stream of high-pressurized oxygen infused with botanical, peptides, vitamins, mineral, and nutrient extracts is applied to the face and neck. The oxygen absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow.

Oxygen Facial in La Jolla

Why get an oxygen facial?

The benefits of oxygen facials are said to range from thorough pore cleansing to lightened hyper pigmentation.

Oxygen Facials strengthen skin’s elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish pores.

This treatment has been called the Hollywood Red Carpet Facial for many reasons.

The results are instant lines and pores minimized and your skin gets that Glow. Puffiness around the eye is less. If you will be on camera this is the perfect treatment or just want to look your best.

Many people who experience the non-surgical oxygen facial treatment see an immediate change in their appearance. Effects of oxygen facials are said to last about a few days; for best results it is recommended a series of six treatments along a six-week time frame, followed by monthly touch-up visits.

Good to know

Many experts suggest that environment, smoking, Flying and excessive amount of makeup lead to lack of oxygen to the skin.

I have been using Oxygen Facial treatments in my skincare practice since 2006. I constantly look and research face treatments and products to get my clients the best results and the Oxygen Facial is still one of the best ways to have ageless skin. Now my Facial Spa is located in a private boutique Spa in La Jolla California Le Vie Skincare.

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