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What does blue light do to your skin?

Blue light Hev and what it does to the skin

This a topic that is not discussed enough. Cell phones, computers and tablets emit blue light, a high energy visible known as (HEV) light. I feel it is important to share this information I learned 4 years ago at a skincare conference. I know I was discouraged leaving this seminar on the other hand knowledge is power.

Below I am sharing information from studies that I have found. Some studies indicate that blue light can delay skin barrier recovery after exposure. One theory is HEV can cause greater hyper pigmentation than Ultraviolet B and C. Which increases photo aging. In simple terms this can cause premature aging,and can increase pigmentation issues.

Which led me to want to find solutions to this issue. This is my passion to help people with there skin issues and prevent future issues from happening. When clients come in for Facial treatments or contact me for products to use on there skin. One of the largest skin concerns is how to work on there pigmentation and have less wrinkles. This article is more on preventative than treatment. I am not a Doctor or a scientist I have been in the skincare Industry this month 21 years. I enjoy doing my research and finding natural solutions to skin issues.

I would recommend putting a blue light shade or filter on your cell phone, tablet and computer. Sunscreens do not protect you from blue light exposure at this time. There are skincare serums and cremes that have ingredients to protect from the damage that can be caused by blue light. One that I found a few years ago that I love is called Total Age Corrector it has 10 technologies to help with protection from (HEV) light and prevent environmental damage. I also recommend this serum because the lab it is made in does no animal testing, and does not use toxic ingredients. It is made in the USA.

This serum is to be used under your day and night creme. If this is something you want to try. Don't forget this month 20% off your Skin care orders. Enter code 1212 at checkout. Here is the link for more info on the serum.

Click on the Photo.

Happy healthy Skin. Feel free to message me for more info.

Leslie Morand @ #619-751-3605

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