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Does your skin look dull and tired? Skin Tips to have glowing Skin again.

Fall is here this is a perfect time to change up your skin care routine. Here are a some tips you can do at home to have your skin glowing, wrinkles plump and your skin deeply nourished again. Fall is the perfect time to repair your skin from the summer sun exposure and dry weather. Here in San Diego clients are coming in for there facials and many are needing there skin to be revitalized. I recommend a pumpkin peel along with Oxygen Facial. The facial treatments are non invasive and have no downtime and you leave looking your best!

Fall Skin Tips to have healthy Skin

1. Start every day with a cleansing ritual. Make sure your cleanser cleans your skin yet does not harm the barrier.

2. Preferably rinse at the sink with cool water. Washing in the shower with hot water can break capillaries and irritate your skin

3. Try to avoid harsh cleansers and wash clothes they can be abrasive. This will help to keep your capillaries balanced. I recommend a cellulose sponge or soft shammy.

4. Always use a hydrating Toner with clean ingredients. A Toner will bring your skin back to PH balance. Alcohol or witch hazel based toners will eventually sensitize the skin.

Tip: I spray the Antioxidant Mist Toner through out the day to revitalize and refresh my skin daily. Rich in herbs and minerals.

5. Time to exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliant at home. I recommend the Gentle Polish Exfoliator it will remove the dead skin cells with out irritation. Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

book a professional peel in San Diego my favorite this year is the Pumpkin Peel it has NO downtime.

All Spa Facial Boxes this month receive a Pumpkin Peel you can do in the comfort of your home.

6. If your skin is dull and dry. It is time to use a high performance serum. My favorite is HYDRATE SERUM it has a few different hydrating ingredients to simulate collagen, plump those lines and deeply nourish your skin using.

7. If you are in the San Diego area you can book your San Diego Facial with a Pumpkin Peel. There is no downtime.

If you place skin care order this month use your fall promotion code.

Use CODE: Pumpkin to receive 20% OFF

Offer Expires 10/31/2021

Wishing you all a Happy Fall!

Leslie Morand Holistic Master Esthetician and Trainer

Clean Beauty or Facial Services

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