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How to keep your pores clean

Is your face feeling like the pores need a cleaning?

Facials are a great way to get your skin fresh and clean.

Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep cleaning facials with a professional Esthetician Leslie Morand at Le Vie Skincare can perform extractions in the facial to help remove impurities without damaging the skin. It takes expertise and years of experience.

Another tip if you have impacted blackheads that have been there for awhile I recommend a Chemical or Enzyme Peel. Even in the summer, you can do gentle peels with no downtime to remove the dead skin and help with pores, evens out texture and minimize lines. In my Skincare Facial Boutique we offer several options to have your skin healthy and clean.

At home it is important to exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliant to remove the dead skin. It is also important to use a toner with ingredients that are right for your skin type. The one I recommend for sensitive, combination to dry skin is Le Vie Skincare Vitamin C toner after cleansing. It is alcohol free. The toner helps to sooth instantly. The skin feels clean, restored and hydrated. blend of time release Vitamin C, lemon and orange bioflavonoids and aloe to clean the pores. Skin feels soft again.• Instantly refreshes and moisturizes • Reduces signs of redness and irritation • Helps skin re-balance moisture and regain comfort.

Complimentary 10 minute phone skincare consults (425) 445-8349

To learn more about the Toner click the photo.

Vitamin C toner

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