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Can a Chemical Peel be good for my Skin

Is it time to get a Chemical Peel?

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Do you want a quick way to refresh your skin a Professional Chemical Peel is the best way to achieve that. Chemical Peels help with pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, large pores, dryness and clearing up acne. There are some Peels that will help with Rosacea. If you have never had a chemical Peel It is a facial treatment that you can do even if you have sensitive skin. Some chemical peels have no downtime and others you can have peeling and some downtime. This will depend on results you want to achieve.

Results can been seen after one Peel.

To get long term results I do suggest a series of Chemical Peels one to two weeks apart. In our Skincare Facial boutique in La Jolla we offer several different Peels.

Leslie Morand Esthetician started doing peels when she worked for a Plastic Surgeon 20 years ago.

Peels range from organic herbal peels, fruit enzymes, pumpkin, lactic, salicylic and jessner. Contact us for more info and come in for a consultation to find out what Peel is right for your Skin.

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