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How to properly Cleanse your Face

Do you want a clearer complexion?

Here are some tips from my many years in the Skin care Industry. First it is important to cleanse your face morning and night. Having a skincare routine is very important in having good skin. Remember your Skin is the largest Organ.

Night time cleaning should be like a ritual for you to have a beautiful complexion. It is important to wash your hands first then apply a cleanser that has ingredients that are appropriate for your skin type. In my 100% Natural and Non toxic skincare line I have a couple different cleansers depending on individuals skin type.

The most popular is my 100% Natural Purifying cleanser it is highly concentrated with plant based ingredients to remove make up and debris from the environment with out drying out the skin. this herbal cleanser has 2 different types of tea tree oil to control the oil glands and helps prevent blackheads and impurities from forming. It also has willow bark which helps to keep the skin hydrated while cleaning the pores deeply. I use this cleanser in all my facial services.

Things to avoid in your cleansers Sodium laurel suplhates, mineral oil, cocunut oil, glycolic acid, benzol peroixide, harsh alcohols, mineral oil.

Always rinse with Cold to tepid water that way you don't break any capillaries on the face. A tip I educate to all of my clients is to avoid washing your face in the shower. Also never use a washcloth or loofah that can be to harsh. I recommend using a cellulose sponge or shamie to remove your cleanser. If you do wear heavy make up.

The best way to Cleanse your Face

I suggest you cleanse twice. Then always apply Toner that is specific to your skin needs.

I am seeing a huge trend of clients thinking using wipes cleans the skin. First of all the this is not properly cleaning your face. Ingredient's in wipes can dry out the skin and cause irritation's. Alcohol being in most wipes. It is better to use Toners on a cotton round that are plant based to bring your skin back to PH balance and to deeply clean pores, Depending on the needs of each skin type toner's can calm, purify, and hydrate the face.

It is important to not use these ingredients on your skin. which I have found in many Wipe's such as alcohol, sodium laurel sulphates, butylene glycol, propylene glycol mineral oil, perfumes and parbeans just to name a few. Contact me for more information on how to have the best Skin.

Happy Cleansing

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