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How to get rid of pigmentation.

Pigmentation can be embarrassing for some people. There are other solutions with a natural approach to helping lighten and brighten the skin without all the Toxic Ingredients.

It does not happen instantly it takes time. I recommend a series of Chemical Peel Treatments with home care lightening products and putting blue shade on your Cell phone, tablet and computer. Also wear a hat and chemical free SPF with zinc and titanium to protect your from the sun rays.

Another treatment IPL some clients do in conjunction with Chemical Peels to work on pigmentation and lighten dark spots.

Hydroquinone is an ingredient used in many brightening and lightening skin care products. It is used on Melasma also known as pregnancy masque to lighten pigmentation and brown spots. Many years ago when I was studying in Europe, I found that it had been banned due to it being cytotoxic which means it can kill cells chromosomes if overused which can lead to some cancers. In some cases with darker skin it can actually make the skin darker when exposed to sunlight. It also was removed from skin care products in many Asian countries as well.

To find out this many years later it is still legal and being prescribed by some Dermatologists and used in Skin care products. I felt I needed to write this article to make you aware.

Most client's need to do a series of Peels to remove the Dead Skin and work on the Pigmentation and melanin. One treatment is not going to give you the results you want to achieve your goal.

Chemical Peels I use in my skin care practice at Le Vie Skincare include fruit enzymes, lactic, mandelic, salicylic, organic herbal peels and jessner peels.

Peels should always be done with an Experienced Professional. Depending on if you want to have Down time or no downtime there are several options.

Products I I highly recommend to lighten at home that does not contain Hydroquinone are now available on my online store. You can read more on the products that are Hydroquinone Free, that you can use to fade pigmentation and lighten dark spots. Avoid using lemon juice on your skin that is to acidic and can cause more issues.

Research and science is improving daily and there are great new technologies that work and improve fading sun damage, dark spots and discolorations.

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