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How does skin change in the fall and skin tips

There are a few things that happen to your skin when the season changes from summer to fall.

Estheticians call it “autumn skin” which include skin to have dryness, dull, un even tone and sun spots are more visible.

The skin can feel irritated and flakey. It is a time when some chronic skin conditions tend to flare up.

Below are several skin tips you can do at home for you to achieve happy, healthy skin this fall.

Fall Skin Tips to have healthy Skin

1. Start every day with a cleansing ritual. Make sure your cleanser cleans your skin and pores, yet does not harm the barrier. Perfect time to do little deep breathing while you cleanse your face to relax your mind.

2. Preferably rinse at the sink with cool water. Washing in the shower with hot water, hot steam can break capillaries and irritate your skin over time.

3. Try to avoid cleansers and exfoliants with harsh acids. Do not use wash clothes they can be abrasive. This will help to keep your capillaries balanced. I recommend a cellulose sponge or soft shammy.

4. Always use a hydrating Toner with clean ingredients after cleansing your face.

A face toner will bring your skin back to PH balance. Avoid alcohol or witch hazel based toners will eventually sensitize the skin.

Tip: I spray the Antioxidant Mist Toner through out the day to revitalize and refresh my skin daily. Rich in seaweeds, herbs and minerals.

5. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliant at home. I recommend the Gentle Polish Exfoliator it will remove the dead skin cells with out irritation. Your skin will feel soft and smooth. As dead skin cells build up on dry skin it can form a barrier that makes it even more difficult to moisturize your skin When you have a smooth canvas your serums and moisturizers will penetrate better. Giving you that glow again.

6. In the fall use an Oil-based moisturizers. They are generally better at helping your skin retain moisture than water-based products. Calm and Repair Crème is a moisturizer to be used day and night to repair and protect the barrier of your face and chest. When your skin is hydrated fine lines and wrinkles appear less. Make sure to avoid moisturizers with mineral and coconut oil they can tend to dehydrate the skin.

7. If your skin is dull and dry. It is time to use a high performance serum. My favorite is HYDRATE SERUM it has a few different hydrating ingredients to simulate collagen, plump those lines and deeply nourish your skin using two different hyaluronic acids.

8. Perfect time to get a professional Facial to refresh and restore your skin. If you are in the San Diego area October promotions at Le Vie Skincare is a Free Pumpkin Peel with every facial service.

There is no downtime.

9. Looking for a professional Esthetician guidance.

If you would like to know what skin care routine and product's that could help you achieve results during the fall season fill out this SKIN QUIZ

10. Another tip is to increase omegas, collagen in your tea or coffee in the morning. It helps to hydrate your skin from the inside. There are now vegan and kosher collagen products on the market. If you would like a list of recommendations and a discount go to:

You will need to create free account to see all the wellness brands they carry.

This clean beauty blog was written by holistic master esthetician and trainer

Leslie Morand


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