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Do face masks help your skin?

Face masks are one of the trendiest ways of skincare today. According to dermatologists and aesthetician's when used appropriately, skin masks can significantly improve your skin in several ways. They open clogged pores, absorb excess oils, and reduce inflammation. And if you like to indulge, skin masks are usually luxurious and are a fun way of relaxing after a busy day. I love to use face masks after traveling to refresh the skin. They quickly allow certain ingredients to penetrate into your skin.

This can be a perfect way to start a self care ritual. The best way to look good for an event or wedding and you do not have time to go in for a Facial. I recommend using a face mask weekly if you are not getting regular professional facial treatments.

I created Detox and Repair Masque for my clients to reduce redness, minimize lines, rebalance the skin, rejuvenates the skin and takes down inflammation. For years I only used this mask in the facial treatment room and now you can purchase to use at home.

Types of Face Masks

There are different kinds of face masks, and each offers different skin benefits. Some of the most popular mask types include:

  • · Clay

  • · Mud

  • · Gels

  • · Creams

  • · Sheets

Charcoal Masks And Clay Masks For Large, Clogged Pores And Acne Skin Types

Charcoal masks and soaps have increasingly become popular over the past few years. Activated charcoal is a type of charcoal treated in high temperatures to alter its chemical composition and make it more porous. This makes it better at getting rid of toxins and also vitamins from the skin. Charcoal masks and soaps are one of the best methods of getting rid of ‘stubborn’ blackheads. However, they should not be overused as they cause irritation and may dry out the skin.

Clay masks have been a staple of skin routines for decades now. These masks work in the same way as charcoal masks. One key difference is that you do not run into the risk of irritating your skin as it is less abrasive with clay masks. Additionally, clay masks are much better at hydrating and cleaning sensitive skin types. The Acne treatment masque has clays, minerals and vitamins to help with breakouts without irritating the skin barrier.

Sleeping, Moisturizing Face Masks

These ‘sleeping masks’ sole goal is to lock the hydration and add anti-aging benefits, depending on the formula used. Since these masks keep the beneficial ingredients longer on the skin than traditional rinse-off masks, they have more time to work, making them more effective. If you have oily or dry skin, a nourishing face mask can help your skin hold onto the moisture much longer. When you use the sleeping mask, you may find that you do not need to use your regular nighttime moisturizer.

Brightening Enzyme Masks For Pigmentation Or Uneven Skin Tone

Brightening enzyme masks improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and bring sparkle to a gloomy complexion. Some of the best brightening enzyme masks are made from brightening ingredients such as niacinamide, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, bearberry, licorice, and arbutin. These masks are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their uneven skin tone and get a radiant complexion.

How To Apply A Face Mask ( Step by Step)

Before you start applying the face mask, you should first choose the correct mask for your skin type.

  • · Antioxidant gel or cream masks are good for dry, hyperpigmented skin types.

· Gel. These are perfect for sensitive skin types.

  • · Enzymes. Enzyme gel or cream masks and bubble masks are suitable for acne-prone skin types.

  • · Mud and clay-based. These are suitable for oily and mixed skin types.

After choosing a mask that works for your skin type, it is now time to apply it. Some of the masks have to be massaged into the skin to maximize their effectiveness. Another skin tip estheticians do is we mix 2 masques together to create a professional skin treatment. If you are not sure what mask to use message me for a recommendation.

Fill out the Skin Quiz to find out what mask or masque can help you achieve your skin goals.

It is also important to know what ingredients are in your home face masks. Read the other beauty blogs I have written several on what to avoid.

Below are a list of different options for your skin.

1. Overnight Mask

· Smooth the mask in a very thin layer over the face as you would with a moisturizing cream

· Avoid your lips and eyes

2. Gel Mask

· When using this mask, spread an even amount on your face using your fingertips.

· Do not get the gel mask on your lips or in your eyes. Skin Tip spray one of Le Vie Skincare face toners to increase hydration and helps to activate the enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the masque.

3. Mud or clay-based mask

· Use a facial spatula or fan brush into the mask and take out a small amount of it.

· Gently spread it evenly across your face. Start from your upper neck and slowly move up your face.

· Avoid any contact with eyes or lips. Skin tip that I do in the facial room is to spray one of the Le Vie Skincare Tone's to activate the minerals and helps with the removal process of the mask.

4. Sheet Mask

· Unwrap the sheet mask from its packaging and then slowly unfold it without tearing.

· Line up the mask with your mouth, nose, eyes, and face shape.

· Slightly press the mask to your face’s form until it is sticking evenly.

5. Bubble Mask

· Apply a small-sized amount of the bubble mask over your face.

· Keep the mask off your lips and eyes.

6. Cream Mask

Cream masks come into different types – peel-off and rinse-off

·With both types, make sure you apply the mask the same way, using a gentle fan brush to apply an even layer cream on your face.


What Are the Benefits Of Masking Your Skin?

Adding face masks to your self-care routine will do wonders. Below are some of the benefits of regularly using face masks.

1. It is Relaxing and Therapeutic

Face masks do not only offer excellent results that improve the appearance of your skin but are also both relaxing and therapeutic. When infused with aromatic essential oils such as rosemary and mint, a face mask will lift your spirit by stimulating your senses.

2. Deep Cleansing

A good facial mask will draw out impurities that lurk beneath the epidermis’ top layers. Masks are incredible at offering a deeper cleansing process that improves the appearance of skin pores.

3. Unclogging Pores

Masking with products containing kaolin clay or Bentonite clay can help remove dirt and absorb any excess oils in the skin. It also helps in removing dead cells that accumulate on your skin.

Other Advantages of Face Masks

  • · It brightens dark spots.

  • · It improves the look of breakouts.

  • · It improves elasticity.

  • · It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • · It decongests clogged pores.

  • · It improves skin texture.

  • · It refines large pores.

  • · It moisturizes and hydrates dry skin.

About Me

My name is Leslie Morand. I am a holistic master skincare aesthetician and owner of Le Vie Skincare. I have been doing this for the past 25 years. My passion is helping other women avoid the aging effect of mental and physical stress, particularly on the skin. I specialize in clean beauty skincare products and non-invasive facial skincare treatments and training other estheticians.. The goal is to have happy healthy ageless skin!


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