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Benefits of Sunflower seed oil in your skin care products

Secret that I have used in my skin care spa practice and clean beauty products is Sunflower Seed oil. This amazing wonder oil benefits your skin from premature aging. Fall is a perfect time to change up your skin care routine. Many people this time of year will feel there skin getting dry, flaky and have uneven texture.

I have been using this oil combined with other highly concentrated ingredients in many of Le Vie Skincare formulas for years. 🌻 Here are a few of the skin care products that have sunflower seed oil in the formula.

You may ask why sunflower seed oil. There are many reasons I choose this oil to be included in my San Diego facial treatments and used in the skin care products. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to balance moisture in the skin while protecting the skin from bacteria and harsh elements pollution and the sun.

Many oils will hydrate the skin yet, they can dehydrate the skin and increase blackheads and break outs.

Here are 7 benefits below of using sunflower seed oil in your skin care products.

🧡Retains moisture

🧡Rich in nutrition for the Skin to age gracefully

🧡Helps combat Acne

🧡Reduces Inflammation

🧡Helps reduce Redness

🧡Protects from 🌞sun damage

🧡Helps with skin renewal with out irritating the skin

Fall Skin tips is to use a serum that is highly concentrated. Repairing Blue Oil I formulated to use on clients when I do the lymphatic massage in the Facial treatment in my San Diego Facial at Le Vie Skincare. This luxurious blend of 20 different clean highly concentrated oils will have your Skin glowing again.

Fall time is a good time to add Repairing Blue oil to your skin care routine. You can do your own massage for a self care ritual at night.

1. Reprograms your Skin Cells

2. Protects the skin from harsh elements 🌞(still use clean sun protection)

3. Repairs your skin Barrier 🌻

4. Deeply nourishes your skin

5. Helps dehydrated surface lines

To order Use code Pumpkin for 20% off this week only

Fill out the Skin Quiz to know what clean skin care products would be good for your skin goals

Skin Tip: If you have acne I recommend drinking sun flower tea to help combat acne causing bacteria 🍀

🧡Free of Toxic Colorants

🧡Cruelty Free

🧡Free of coconut & mineral oil

🧡Free of Synthetic Fragrance


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