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How often should one get a Facial Q & A

Now that it is Fall and Winter is on its way many people are feeling there skin is dry, irritated and experiencing dehydration. Many faces are having redness and general skin discomfort.

The question I get a lot these days is How often should I get a Facial?

From my experience as an Esthetician for over two decades. Once a month for Facial treatment is a good goal to have. If a client comes in with skin concerns and they want to get a quick result I recommend a series which is done once a week for 4 to 6 weeks. Then maintain once a month for the best results.

Your skin cell turn over is around every 27 days. It is important to speed that up if you are experiencing skin issues of dryness and sensitivity. This will help to restore the skins moisture barrier and protect from water loss. When this happens lines are more apparent. If you are oily and breaking out this will help to balance the oil, clean your pores and have clearer more even complexion.

At my skincare practice facial spa Le Vie Skincare in La Jolla California, I offer several different facial options. I always do a skin analysis to see what is the right facial for my clients to get the results they would like to attain.

One of the best facials for the fall and winter coming is the Oxygen Facial. It helps with hydration, minimizes lines, purifies the skin and gives the skin that Glow again. It also a perfect time to start a Peel series. Depending on lifestyle and results clients want to achieve there are several different options with no downtime and some are very gentle.

Always remember your Skin is the largest organ it is imperative to take care of it.

Happy, Healthy Skin!

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Find out what Facial is for you

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