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Safe SPF and Clean Beauty

Order to Protect your skin with healthy SPF

Want to know the best way to protect your skin from the UV rays?

Clean beauty is finally a movement in the skin care world. Looking for a SPF that works and safe for your body and environment is the key.

Being an Esthetician yet I am also a sun goddess and now live in San Diego. I have been researching healthy ways to be in the sun while protecting from all the damage for years. Many of the natural clean sunscreens will have coconut oil. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic and can clog the pores specially if you have acne or tend to get blackheads . It also can dehydrate the skin.

The UV rays are the strongest between 10 am to 2 pm. It is important to use a Natural Sunscreen that is mineral based rather than chemical based.

Use SPF that is Free of Oxybenzone, Talc, coconut oil, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate, avobenzone, mineral oil and propylene glycol

Tips for healthy summer skin

  • Use natural Serums that have antioxidants and Vitamin C and E under your sunscreen to add cellular protection.

  • Wear a hat that has UV protection.

  • Eat a healthy diet with antioxidants, foods rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and E, and beta carotene. (Green Tea, Berries, many different fruits and vegetables)

  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going outside

  • Re apply Spf when direct in the sun every 1 to 2 hours

Here are some ingredients that you do not want in your sunscreen or skin care products.

What is Octinoxate?

also called Octyl methoxycinnamate or (OMC), is a UV filter

It is an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen and can disrupt thyroid function.

What is Oxybenzone?

It is a chemical based ingredient that is used in many sunscreen brands in the US. It is believed to be harmful to the body and the environment. It is now banned in Hawaii, Key West and Australia due to the harm it causes to the coral reefs

There is lots of research that Oxybenzone is linked to endometriosis and abnormal sperm counts. It acts like an estrogen in the body and can disrupt the hormonal and adrenal system.

Many people have allergic reactions on there skin from Oxybenzone.

The good news is that there are better options for sun protection. I recommend wearing a Sun hat that protects from the UV rays San Diego hat is a great company that has many options.

There are now Sunscreens that are non chemical instead are mineral based. I have been using them on myself and in my skin care practice for a few years. Be cautious who you order from, some products are expired and they are sold on several online e-commerce platforms at a cheaper price. All of our products are fresh inventory. Come in to my Skincare facial boutique in La Jolla for a sample or request one with your skin care order.

Click the Photo to learn more and Order Online

Click here to order healthy Spf

Here is what the Sunscreens should provide. They should have a

Physical broad spectrum protection with Zinc and Titanium oxide that is photostable which will not degrade in sunlight Free of chemical sunscreen fillers, dyes, fragrances, oils and preservatives Free of chemical sunscreen fillers, dyes, fragrances, oils and preservative

Happy Healthy Skin

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