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What Ingredients to avoid in your Skincare products

Do you want healthy skin?

I have been getting calls and messages every week from clients and friends lately to look at there skin care products to see if the ingredients are clean and healthy for there health. Another issue is what could be causing there skin issues..

I have been surprised how many products market themselves as natural and organic. Yet they use ingredients that have been taken out of many skin care and make up products and even banned in some countries due to the problems they can cause to the skin and body adrenal system.

It is great that so many people are conscious of what they eating and what they put in there body and how it affects the body.

I hope that more people will realize what you put on your skin also affects your body as well as your skin. Remember the largest organ in your body is your Skin.

Being an Esthetician my goal is to get my clients results and guide them on how to have healthy skin, not to be trendy.. For over 21 year's I have been researching and reviewing clients skincare products. This is why some call me there Skin guru. Below are some common ingredients used in many products that I do not recommend. Over the years I represented many skincare lines that my clients got results from. Many of them were bought out by large corporations. At first I could tell they were being watered down then I started seeing ingredients that can cause issues to the skin and bodies all over health.

After my studies at a leading laboratory in France in 2008. I decided to create my own natural skincare line Le Vie Skincare that I could have control of ingredients used in the products. The key was to get results using natural ingredients that were non toxic. Click the photo to see more on the natural skincare products.

Here is a list of some ingredients to avoid in your skincare products.

*Mineral Oil and Lanolin

*Propyelne Glycol





*Coconut oil



*Certain Dyes and fragrances


*Solvent Alcohols


*Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates

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