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What are the Benefits of Dry Brushing?

First you might ask how does dry brushing work? Dry brushing is were you would use a natural bristle brush to stimulate and detox the body. The key is to use on dry skin before you shower or bath. This is a great skin care tool and technique I learned over 20 years ago from a french cellulite body treatment I use to perform on clients. I would dry brush on dry skin before doing scrubs and body wraps. I then brought this skin routine into my home routine.

This has lots of health benefits. Dry brushing is a process of exfoliating,your body, stimulates an increase in lymphatic flow and detoxifies the body. It can help prevent cellulite.

Dry brushing helps with lymphatic flow and helps release toxins by getting circulation going. It can also help with folliculitis which is were you get bumps on the skin that are caused by in grown hairs and dry skin,

Dry Brushing can be done daily it is a great skincare routine to start for healthy skin and healthy living. Spend 5 to 10 minutes brushing. When looking for a dry brush look for natural hard bristles, not soft nylon, cactus or vegetable derived.. Make sure to clean your brush weekly if not more, soak in antibacterial wash and hot water I also like to spray mine with Tea tree oil.

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Instructions for Dry Brushing at home:

*Performing Dry brushing you should follow the flow of blood (lymphatic system).

*Always start at your toes working up the foot in light one direction movements

*Do the same on the other leg.

*Remember always go up towards the heart

^When you get to your stomach important to go clockwise

*For women make sure to brush lightly on stomach and breasts

*Brush the front of the arms in long strokes towards the lymph nodes located in the under arm

*Take bath or shower

*Apply your favorite essential oils blend or body creme

Happy Healthy Skin. Feel free to message me or contact me for more information.

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