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The Best Anti Aging Facial

Do you want healthy, youthful, radiant skin? Oxygen Facials and Micro Current muscle toning are the best non invasive way to slow down the aging process. I brought the Oxygen Facial in to my skincare practice 12 years ago. I had many clients who wanted to look younger but did not want to do surgery so I did a lot of research to find a facial treatments that would get results.The results are amazing. The skin is deeply hydrated, lines are minimized and your skin gets that Glow again. The puffiness around the eye area is diminished. The Oxygen Facial treatment stimulates Collagen so the new skin cells are rejuvenated. Perfect for any skin type even the most sensitive skins. I also like to combine the micro current muscle toning facial. I found this treatment while studying in Europe in 2006. This is a low level current that works with skin cells to stimulate circulation and lifts the muscles in the face and neck area. It is like doing Pilates for the face. Call now for an appointment (619) 751-3605. Now offering Facial Treatments in San Diego area La Jolla and Encintas.

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