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How to take care of Teenage Acne

When I was teen 13 years old I suffered from Acne. I had been to several dermatologists and was prescribed harsh topical products that had my skin more red and irritated. At that time I was living in Southern California and was outside in the sun a lot. The skin care products they had me using did more damage to my face by being in the sun. I then stopped using the prescriptions. I then tried almost every over the counter and department store acne products. I have very sensitive skin and would react very easily even if the products claimed to be natural. I even made my own concoctions at home and had my friends my using them.

One of my first inspirations was I read a book I found in my moms Book shelf 3 weeks to makeover where you made your own masques, potions and lotions. Of course I learned later that making products at home are fun but in order for the ingredients to last you need a Lab with Chemists that are experienced to formulate to get the best results.

I then was introduced to an Esthetician who had helped other teens with Acne. I went for my first Acne Facial and I loved the relaxation experience of the treatment. Which I have passed along to my clients over the past 20 years. I then continued on a facial program were I would go in every 2 weeks at times. I would use my babysitting money. She had recommended products of course I didn't listen to her. I found out later it is not one thing that works for Acne it is a combination of working on the inside as well as the outside of your skin.

This is recommendations of what helped me over the years personally suffering from acne and several of my clients I helped. Getting regular Facial Treatments specific to your skin issue. For acne I have seen great results when clients do a series of Peel's along with Acne Oxygen Facials. Chemical Peels do not have to be harsh or even have Down time. there are several different kinds of Chemical Peels out there. It is all about ingredients and how they are formulated to react with the skin.

Home care is equally important as in treatment room. In my facial I teach the teens how to take care of their face at home with a regular quick routine morning and night. 3 step to 4 step facial program to achieve the best results. For females another very important aspect is make up. The ingredients in many make ups cause more issues, I help find a make up that can conceal yet not cause more skin issues. Education in how to take care of your Face is huge. If you cant come in for facial treatment. I can now video chat and educate and create a Home plan to have your teens skin flawless!

Also nutrition for the skin is very important decreasing or eliminating dairy . I have debated this topic with many people over the years. You can do your own research. What I have found was dairy increased mucus and when you are breaking out that can increase sebaceous glands to be over active increasing the break outs. for calcium there alternatives you would need to consult with a nutritionist. I can only make recommendations.

The 100% natural products I developed with a Chemist after studying in France at a Lab are free of parabens, benzyl peroxide, harsh chemicals and many other unwanted ingredients that are in most acne products. Remember your Skin is the largest organ in the body! Getting on a skincare routine at a young age can be very beneficial years later.

Contact Leslie Morand Esthetician for a Complimentary 10 minute consult # 619-751-3605

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