12 Days of Beauty Tips for healthy skin

Tip #1 🗝🕸 to have flawless skin, is to have a skin care routine at home.

It can be a great way to start doing more self care on your self.

Which means take care of your self first. I also recommend to get monthly professional facials.

Here in San Diego I recommend clients get monthly facials to slow down the aging process.

Just like you brush your teeth having a good morning and night skin care routine is a great habit to start. It is important that your skincare products are appropriate for your Skin type.

I also recommend weekly to exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells. Your skin naturally exfoliates it self when we are babies it does this at a rapid pace as we age that process slows down.

That is why doing home exfoliators, face polish, scrubs, chemical peels and non suction microdermabrasion can be helpful

If you don't know what routine you need to do, fill out my Skin quiz or message me your email

I will message you back with a custom recommendations on how to achieve healthy skin.

Click here for the the Skin Quiz link

I have worked in day spa's and med spa's for over two decades. The most important part of having good skin starts with products that have the right ingredients for your skin type. I have deeply studied and researched ingredients used in skincare and beauty products for many years. You would be surprised to know many ingredients can cause more skin issues and increase hormonal issues as well.

I know all those promises from there advertisements.

I do believe with the power of plants and science we have made a huge change in getting results with your skin. If you follow me on Instagram I have contest going to win a Spa Facial box (Value of $200) Comment in under the post.

Happy Healthy Skin!

Leslie Morand

Holistic Master Esthetician

Facials in San Diego and Palm Springs.

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