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Is your skin oily?

Updated: May 22

Is your skin oily yet needs to be nourished?

It is important to still have a creme that hydrates and protects the face.

When your skin is oily it is important to balance the skin. As an Esthetician for over two decades and having oily skin in my early years. I created a moisturizer that helped protect the barrier yet does not clog your pores or break the skin out.

Why people love it: Oil Free Moisturizer has a light texture with out feeling sticky, it helps hydrate with hyaluronic acid without clogging pores.

You don't get that greasy feeling. The skin looks refreshed and our complexion is clearer and radiant.

This Product Is: 100% Natural and non toxic is a sheer light fluid moisturizer to balance oil and hydration using herbs and Vitamins to protect and have healthy, radiant smooth skin.

After years of research and testing I found most of the cremes over the counter and in department stores ingredients are comedogenic and clog the pores leading to break outs. I wanted a face creme that got results for my clients and was not harmful to the Body.

*Cruelty Free

*Paraben Free


*Gluten Free

*Clean beauty

Does not contain: Fragrance, mineral oil, coconut oil, lanolin, alcohol, or parabens,

benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, proplyene glycol

To know what moisturizer is correct for your skin contact us for a complimentary consult

Le Vie Skincare.

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I have been SO happy with Leslie's excellent service! She is truly a professional and can address a multitude of skincare concerns. I always feel completely pampered in an appointment with Leslie, and love her attention to detail. Le Vie products are amazing (I have sensitive skin), and reasonably prices for their quality. Leslie has helped my daughter as well and we are happy with the results! I highly recommend Leslie and Le Vie.

Kathy Goodwin

Kirkland, WA

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